Kesugi Ridge 2013

Sept. 10 2013

Our last full day of hiking brings more outstanding views of "The Great One"  Pictures say it all!

Sept. 9 2013

We never tire of the terrain and are enjoying hiking the ridge. An Arctic Ground Squirrel pays us a visit. We find it hard to believe that we have lived in the state for 20 years and this is the first time we have hiked here. We will be back!

Sept. 8 2013


Fall is peaking here on the ridge. The red bearberry makes a great contrast to the white caribou lichen.  The morning air is cold and crisp;  frozen puddles create wonderful designs. It is hard to take our eyes off Denali as we travel the trail. We hike among interesting rock formations, before descending to a long board walk. Then the trail takes us back to the ridge and meanders between high alpine lakes.

Sept. 7, 2013

A must do hike in Alaska is Kesugi Ridge! Pick the right weather window and frequent views of Denali will be on the horizon. We got the break in the weather, packed up our gear and headed north. We left our car at Byers Lake Campground and tried our luck hitching to the start of the trail. Thanks to the two young guys in a red Subaru who stopped and gave us grey hairs a lift. The trail begins with a steep ascent to the ridge and after gaining most of the elevation, it is indeed a ridge hike. An early break found us munching on some previously frozen blueberries. They could not have been sweeter. A family of ptarmigan posed for some shots. The fall colors could not have been more spectacular