Baja 2016

Jan. 6, 2016

We so enjoy the ability to sleep in our car when on the road. This morning we watched the sun rise and  the sky was crystal blue. Last night the clouds blocked the stars and we half expected the rain to fall. A brief shower barely left the ground moist. Guess we will head off for a morning run. The desert landscape welcomed us with open arms.  It felt good to be back in Baja. Upon returning to the campground we chatted with a couple and their two year old traveling in a van. They had spent the last several years working and saving their money. Recently they had quit their jobs and were headed to Panama in their van.  Needless to say they were full of excitement. We had a leisurely breakfast before packing up and heading southward.  Our agenda is loosely planned and we are excited about the ability to explore some new territory.  As we leave Rancho Santa Ignes we travel through high plateau country reminding us of the plains of Wyoming. Not for long though, soon we are descending and the Boomjum tree is our friend once again. It is joined with the Yucca tree making for a picturesque landscape. We pass a road that would lead us to Cocos corner and the Sea of Cortez. Several years ago when we were doing support for Ryan and his friends on their motorcycles we had traveled this road. Getting two flat tires at the same time was in interesting event.  Fortunately the boys on their motorcycles came back looking for us and we devised a plan to get us out of this dilemma.  Good memories of that trip remain with us. Now though we are on our own adventure and we are headed towards the town of Bahia De Los Angles. It is a 40 mile one way journey to the town located on the coast of the Sea of Cortez. If all goes as planned this winter it will be the northern destination of a kayaking trip we are planning.  Arriving to the town around noon, we purchased gas, bought water and met Glenn. Glenn lives here for 6 months of the year and gave us an orientation to the area. The other 6 months he lives in McCall, Idaho. He suggested we camp at Daggers or Archleon. After checking them both out we opted for Archleon.  We appreciated having a stone palapa which gave us wind protection. We soon discovered why the winds here are called El Elephantes. When the wind howls it is huge! The view here as the folks say is a million dollars. We agree.