Baja 2016

Jan. 11, 2016

The day has come for us to leave our stone palapa and head to Ojo de Libre. First we do our run and appreciated the coolness of the morning.  The sun rise is spectacular and the dark clouds over the mountains brings some drama. It sure looks like we are going to be in for a storm, but nothing materializes except for a strong north wind bringing white caps across the bay. Antonio, the owner of Archleon stops by to see if we need anything. He talks to us for awhile and tells of the history of this place.  At one time it was a turtle research station, but the funding was cut. He also warns us of the currents and dangers of the area when the tides are at their peak. Notes are taken and cautions heeded. Shelia stops by to bid adios, but stays longer as she tells us more of her adventures and of her plan to write a book seen thru the eyes of her dog Luna. The next visitor who stops by as we are packing is Karen who introduces herself as I am from Montana. She also has a story to tell.  Due to extreme allergy sensitivities she has been living out of her car for the last several years. She had found a relatively cheap place to camp in the states, but this has been a very cold and wet winter. A dream of hers has been to see the whales so she packed up her dog, Gracie and is eventually headed to Ojo de Libre. She is looking forward to seeing whales and being dry and warm. Thomas and Tina come over to say good by. They are having some gear issues and want to head to the states quickly to resolve them. We gave them Ryan's name as a possible place to stay. They have at least one more year to go exploring before they need to head back to New Zealand. Now it is just Lisa and Noah on the beach. They are slowly packing, not really wanting to leave. Perhaps someday we will see her in concert if not we can always get a copy of her music. Errands in town before heading out is filling our water containers at the aqua purificado store and the bakery. Success at the water store but not so at the bakery,  no fresh goods till after noon. So off to Guerro Negro for more supplies, and check in with Ryan. Usually when one heads into this town, you are required to stop and have your car sprayed, which you pay to have done. Not looking forward to this activity so are pleasantly surprised when we are waved on. We try our mini ipad to see if Telcel operates here. The signal is strong and we are able to catch up on our emails. We visit the mercado and are able to fulfill our list. At the checkout we inquire about any panadarias. We are told that there are two. A man draws us a map and we are on a mission to find it. It was quite easy and we are impressed by the selection, price and cleanliness. I am sure it will be one of our stops when we visit this town again. On the way out of town we stop to admire the black legged stilt. Soon we are headed to the Lagoon. A paved road shortly turns to all sand and goes thru a huge sea salt production area.  This is one of the major employers of the town we just visited. Soon we are at the lagoon, Ojo de Libre.  The entrance fee is 5 dollars and a palapa with a light is 10. There was even a table in the palapa so we are camping with style. We hear and see the whales spouting. It has been a good day!