Baja 2016

Jan. 13, 2016

Oh what a beautiful morning! This is why we have such fond memories of Baja. It is a bit cooler this morning as we watched the sun rise from the window of our car. With the clocks turned ahead we actually started our run by 7:15. Our friend the little dog Capitan runs with us for awhile.  In just over an hour we return to camp. Our neighbors are heading off this morning and thank us once again for encouraging them to go see the whales. Looks like it will be a good morning for bird watching. Pretty sure we identified a ruddy turnstone, Dunlin, a solitary sandpiper and a variation of a savannah sparrow. Always fun to try to figure out the birds we observe. Decided to walk in another direction to see if any new birds might appear and out of curiosity if we would have cell coverage. Not successful in either of those categories, but the view was beautiful. Returned to have bread with almond butter and bananas for lunch. It is getting to be one of our favorite lunches. The wind picked up so we took advantage of the car with intentions of reading, but soon had heavy eye lids. The warm car had created an exceptional environment for sleeping. When we awoke, we noticed that Karen from Montana, a women that we had met previously, had just arrived. We told her that she could share our site. Later that evening she entertained us with the many stories of life on the road with her dog Gracie. It also seemed that we filled a niche of being good listeners. The moon is at crescent tonight and the starts are lighting up the sky.