Baja 2016

Jan. 15, 2016

Our pace is slow. No need to hurry as we are close to our destination. This has been one of the slowest and probably one of the more enjoyable trips that we have done heading South. In previous years when the road conditions were not great it would take us almost 2 full driving days starting at day light and ending at duck to get to EL Coyote. It just took us 10 days and it was quite enjoyable. We explored different towns and new places.  I am not sure learning about bakeries has helped us in the world of health, but it was a lot of fun. One of our favorite stops is a small store that sells dates and date baked goods right before one descends down a steep hill to the Sea of Cortez. A small package of dates along with stuffed date like cookies brought smiles to our faces. On to the booming town of Santa Rosalie, where a stop at the new Ley store had quite the assortment of products. No longer does one need to spend the entire day going to many stores to find a particular item. We checked out the harbor to see how easy it will be to stop here and get water and food when we are in our kayaks. There may be some challenges, but that is part of the journey.  It is a two hour drive to El Coyote arriving their before sunset. Our friend Yuri greets us and catches us up on the goings at the branch. We are able to stay in a small trailer which will be useful as we only want to be here for a couple of days before heading out  on a stretch of coastline which we have not paddled before.  The following photos are of the upgrades at the trailer park we camped at last night, ideas perhaps for our base camp in Alaska. Of course that would mean that we would have to be there longer than we have been there for the last five years.