Baja 2016

Jan.19, 2016

Today we began our journey north to Bahia de Los Angles and the plan is to return back to El Coyote.  We have given ourselves a month, but in reality we can take longer. There are a lot of unknowns as we head out on what looks like a beautiful morning. We were up before our alarms went off at 4:30 and headed over to the staff palapa to make a hearty breakfast of pancakes. We loaded our kayaks in the dark and felt a sigh of relief when everything fit. We are both carrying a deck rear bag which may not be ideal, but it is reality for as much as we need to carry. As the sun rose, the sky was colored in many shades of red. We said a prayer and headed north toward Mulege. The seas remained mostly calm until we rounded the point to Mulege. It was fun seeing Mulege,last year we had paddled up the river to the town. This year we are  just passing by it.  The seas are mostly mellow this afternoon and we are thankful for that.  Outside of Mulege two shrimp boats were anchored. On one hand it was neat to see them and to think that the shrimp might have recovered enough to be harvested, but on the other side we knew the destruction it caused to the bottom of the sea as the nets are dragged over it. Many species of fish are brought to the surface and let to die so as not to attract sharks. Today we paddled 9 hours 30 minutes with only 2 shore breaks. We are camped south of Punta Chivato on a very long sandy beach. We do not particular care for sandy beaches as the sand gets everywhere and cooking can be challenging. Sometimes though it is the only option and we go with the flow. Usually if the beach is sandy it make for easier loading and unloading, a huge plus. No complaints tonight. We are happy to be here and excited about our journey. Distance traveled today was around 27 miles.