Baja 2016

Feb.9, 2016

Last night we planned to get up at 4:30 am to do a weather check. Our little camping spot is superb. We are well protected and when we first awoke we had thought the wind had died. Not the case as we got closer to the beach. The wind was blowing just as strong as yesterday morning. The stars were out and after locating the North Star we realized that the wind was coming from the west. Looks like we are experiencing the el elphantes of this area. The swells have gone down some, Don took a walk out to the point. Definitely better than yesterday, but with a major crossing to do there was not much of a reason to leave this camp. We saw several Mexican fishing boats and when Chaco did not show we thought that perhaps the owners were returning in one of these boats.  We headed over to the Yurts to let them know that we had watered and fed the dogs. They thanked us and told us that a group of 10 guests were coming from San Diego on  Thursday. They also said that after today we should have several days of calm weather. We are hoping that is accurate.  Back to our camp and then took a walk to one of the higher points. Found a coyote skull and great vistas. I also had time in the afternoon to create a logo for us out of trivia shells. Chaco comes over and hangs out with us. I decided to take him back and when I do there are two different folks there. Bruno and Theresa. They have worked for the yurt company for many years.  Bruno wanted to know if we needed anything and said that we could use their internet. I went back to our camp to get Don and our ipad. Had a nice conversation and a cup of tea. with the two of them.  The updated weather report was predicting calm weather. Sure hoping that is true!