Baja 2016/2017

March 16

Made it back to the NOLS Mexico branch yesterday and were able to once again repack the car, and say good by to our friends. We were even able to connect with Joe and Bonnie Sedavik, friends we met over 35 years ago when we were first coming to Baja. Hard to believe that we have been in Baja for 5 months. Every time we return, we find new places to explore. We have spent most of our time on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, but realize that the interior of Baja has a lot to offer as well.  Maybe some year we can explore those areas.

Today was mostly a get in the car and drive. Our destination was Puertecitos, The high plateaus was covered in flowers.  All the rain to the area is causing s Superbloom. It was a first for us to experience looking at the colorful landscape. We were curious how far they have made on high way 5 that connects the two sides of the peninsula. In the fall it was slow going and not very well marked. There was a lot of machinery working on it so we hoped that progress had been made. It was still slow going, but the road was better marked and progress had been made. It was still the same distance on the unpaved parts, but some of it had been graded , Once the road has been paved it will be a cruise. We had originally planned on making this a two day trip, but we had looked at the forecast and a  major wind storm was being predicted in about 5 days. With this in mind we decided to drive to Puertecitos today. In the fall we had checked out a camping site and figured that we could find it in the dark which would be when we got there.

We pulled in just at dark. A man approached us wanting to know if we wanted to camp. We responded in Spanish and he said I do not speak Spanish only English. He was from Africa.

Looking forward to figuring out logistics in the morning.