Baja 2016/2017

Oct. 9-14

We left Portland Oregon on the 9th with the car loaded as usual. Someday we may get the idea of minimalist car packing, but has not happened yet. Usually we are able to maneuver our "stuff" to the front seats and sleep in the back. This is not going to happen on this trip to San Diego as we are bringing a wine cooler to Ryan. Our usual destination for camping on the way down has a policy of locking the gate at 10. Unfortunately we arrive around 10:30, some of this was due to the snow falling on the mountain passes and causing a slower speed. It was beautiful and fortunately was not adhering to the road. Continuing on we decide that stopping at the next rest area is our best option. Putting the seats back and imagining that we are in a plane with ample room we are surprised at how well we sleep. It was easy to wake up and start driving as I was already in the drivers seat. Traffic was light and we made it to San Diego around noon. After getting the keys for Ryan's garage, it was one of our not favorite activities, unpacking and repacking the car and kayaks for Baja.  We spent four days here, doing the usual things.

Watching Ryan getting ready to go kiteboarding on his foil.

Watching Ryan getting ready to go kiteboarding on his foil.

Then watching Ryan kiteboading


The four days went quickly enjoying our time with Ryan and Beth. Eating out and running errands before crossing the boarder. As usual we enjoyed running and exercising in the nearby Balboa Park.