Inland Passage 2016

July 10, 2016

Getting used to late start mornings, but as we have said before going with the current makes sense. We crossed over to Douglas Island this morning and then the wind became our friend and pushed us along the shoreline. This was a weekend and we saw several groups of kayakers camped along the shore. We figured they must have paddled over from Juneau. 

Lots of boats were out fishing today. It was a good day to be on the water. As we rounded the north point of Douglas Island, the Mendenhall glacier that is located behind Juneau came into view.

Our friend NeNe from many years ago who lived in Juneau for 19 years, but now lives in Haines told us about camping on an island near here. We found it and it was probably the most impacted site of the trip. It would work and we could see the city lights across the way.  We discovered that we had cell service, but our data plan had expired. Wanting to check our emails, we called the company and paid a one day usage fee. We were advised to restart the phone and all would be good. Not so, not only did we not get any data, we also lost our cell service. Apparently the person we had talked to had given us the wrong plan, not realizing that Alaska was not an international country.

Nautical Miles paddled 23.2