Inland Passage 2016

July 14, 2016

The wind blew all night and the rain fell rather hard at times. I woke up at 3, listened to the weather forecast and debated about getting up. The weather forecast was calling for strong wind in the afternoon. It was foggy outside, but the wind had died some, We thought that we would get up, have breakfast and see if the conditions had changed.  The seas looked fairly calm so we decided to go for it and cross over to the other side and then head to Skagway. It was a committing move as the first pull out once one entered the fiord was at the town of Skayway, 12 miles away. We quickly passed over to the other side and the conditions were stable. A lot of waterfalls were tumbling down the mountain sides.

It is a thumbs up day, we feel strongly that Skagway is going to be our destination today.

We were not the only ones in the fiord. About 8 o:clock, tour boats in all sizes were sharing the sea. Then came the planes, followed by helicopters. The clouds were below the mountain tops so not sure what they were seeing from the airplanes and helicopters.  The tours lasted about 6o minutes and then another group would be headed down past us. We were glad to be in the slow mode and taking in all the sights.

Then there was the town of Skagway or I should say there were 4 cruise ships. It seemed somewhat anticlimactic paddling past them as we went from a slow pace to watching the rapid movements of thousands of passengers,

The town was bustling with over 10,000 people walking the several main streets. In winter the town mostly shuts down and there are less than 500 people that live here.

It sits in a beautiful valley.   

It sits in a beautiful valley.


The last photo of this part of our journey with smiles on our faces.

Our paddling trip on the Inland Passage had come to an end,

55 days~~~~1160 statue miles