Inland Passage 2016

June 14, 2016

We slept soundly, something to be said to doing a lot of physical activity. I think we would have wakened if the tide had approached our tent, but in reality I am not sure. When we awoke at 7, the sun was starting to warm up our tent. With the tide and narrowness of this channel going with the tide is almost mandatory. We decided that we would get ready to leave at 11.  By 9 the sun was hiding behind clouds and shortly after the rain started. The fog lowered and visibility was minimal. As the rain continued in intensity. We thought this would be a good day to have a Zero mileage day. We were ahead of where we thought we might be and this was a scenic section. With that decision made, we settled down to reading, chart studying and baking. Hopefully tomorrow will bring clearer skies. We filled all of our droms with rain water and are catching up on sleep. Whales keep us entertained with spouts and boat traffic has increased. It is a lazy day for the Ford's.

ZERO miles paddled!