BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 12, 2014

It was a great night of sleeping on our little beach.  The rock wall blocked the noise of the traffic. Then when we were eating breakfast, I felt what I thought was a small pebble in my mouth that had gotten into my cereal. That was not to be, it was actually a filling in my tooth that had opted to not be a part of that tooth. As my tongue felt the now gigantic hole (not really) in my tooth, I had Don check it out. It indeed was a lost filling that I would need to have fixed in the near future. As luck would have it we could be back to NOLS, where our car was parked early afternoon, if we focused on paddling. So off we went, only stopping to take some photos of birds that were posing quite nicely. When we got to our car, we loaded up and headed to Loreto, a 60 mile 2hour drive. We arrived shortly after siesta and I waited for the dentist.  She confirmed my diagnosis and said perhaps they could fill it in a couple of days,  When I explained by situation in my best Spanish, she said, if I could return tomorrow she could replace the filling. So back the 60 mile drive to Coyote Bay only to return tomorrow.  Glad to have a dentist that could fill it and be in a place where we could paddle out.  The dentist was going to fix my tooth in the morning so perhaps if the weather was good we could continue our paddle of the bay tomorrow afternoon.