BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 30, 2014

We camped last night at our favorite spot at the end of the bay. Played some catch with Ryan and Jeff and as the wind died, Ryan was ready to head back to San Diego.  No sense in staying unless the wind was up and the kiteboard in the water. Jeff was ready to take off as well and to finish that last semester of college. Their week with us did not quite turn our as we had originally planned, but we had gone with the flow of weather and it was good. Last time we had all been together in Baja was 1999 when we paddled from Coyote Bay to La Paz. We headed back to the NOLS BAJA headquarters, and the boys packed their vehicle. Don and I followed them to Santa Rosalia where we had lunch at at small Mexican Restaurant and bought bakery goods at the well known French Bakery. Santa Rosalia is mostly a non tourist town, that currently is booming due to a copper mine outside the town. It is known for a church that was built in France and then reassembled here. We said good-by to the boys as they headed North back to the states. We also headed north to the Tres Virgenes to possible climb one of the volcanoes. It is now a National Park and one needs a guide to hike up the mountain. We had hiked there in the 80's before it was a park.  It was now going to cost us each $100.00 plus we would have to make a reservation for a day to climb.  We opted to just drive the road into the park and enjoy the flowers in bloom. An interesting geo thermal operation was at the end of the road.