BAJA 2014/15

March 5, 2015

We spent the first couple days of March preparing for our next kayaking trip. We planned to kayak from south of Loreto to La Paz. On the second we drove to Loreto, dropped our kayaks and gear at Trudy's and then headed to La Paz. We met up with Patty and Ivan, friends of ours who live in Baja and work in Alaska during the summer.. We spent the day with them checking out some of the places in La Paz. We were able to leave our car and trailer at the kayaking company they work for in La Paz. The kayaking business is located right on the waterfront so if all works as planned we should be able to paddle to the beach, cross the street and get our car.  We caught a bus early in the morning on the 4th and by early afternoon we were back in Loreto.  We stayed at a hotel near the bus station. The morning  of the 5th we were headed to Trudy's to get a ride to Rattlesnake beach. We had already paddled the section of coast from Loreto to this beach in January. There is a lot of developement in this area so did not really want to kayak it again. A full moon was scheduled for this night and we were invited to a bonfire, but opted not to go as we planned an early morning departure. It feels good to be back on the water again with our kayaks.