Noatak River, Alaska August 2015

From Nelson Walker Lake to Kotzebue

August 5, 2015

The wind came up during the night and the temperature dropped. A few sprinkles fell, but after closing the tent up no more drops fell.  It was a cool morning as we ate our blueberry cereal and prepared soup for putting in the thermos for lunch. We were on the water by 8:30 wearing paddle pants and jackets. A bear was sighted walking along the opposite bank, we pulled close to the shore to watch his actions. To our dismay he started heading toward us in the water. As we contemplated our counter move, he quickly headed back to shore checking the edge of the river. It was at that time we realized he was looking for fish for breakfast and not at us! When he did notice us, he stood up, sniffed and headed away from the river. The river is becoming more technical in this section. It is, however, at a great river level enabling us to read and run the rapids. Having made good time today we decide to stop early and camp on the tundra above the river bank. As usual the spot is beautiful and a red color in the distance is likely to have blueberries. After our customary tea and chocolate we head out to forage for blueberries. We are not disappointed as we quickly fill our container.The local arctic squirrel shows us his best poses and seems to be quite curious about his camping partners for the night. Tonight we used the satellite phone to find our LAT/LON coordinates.

Miles traveled 25