On the Road 2016

Dec. 18, 2015

Finally the time has come to start the move South.  As we pulled out of the driveway the sun shone briefly. Along interstate 5 there were many rivers that had overflowed their banks. Oregon did not look like it had been in a severe drought. As we headed south we kept checking the road conditions for the passes. Several in Northern Ca had the chain law in effect. As we approached Grant's Pass the rain began falling. We decided to continue on knowing that if conditions deteriorated we could always reverse our direction and take the coast road.  That would add more miles and hours, but it could be a safer option if needed. At least for the time being the road signs were not supporting yellow flashing lights.  The Oregon passes were currently just wet, snow however was present on the berms. We made it to CA and initially the road drops in elevation. Soon though we would be going over the passes in CA and the signs on this section were flashing yellow, warning of winter driving conditions. Numerous snowplow were parked along the roads and salt had been added to the road's surface. Snow was beginning to stick to the roads as we cautiously proceeded forward. Normally we would have been excited to see the snow falling and covering the greenery in white.  This time however we were glad to see the roads transitioning back to being just wet. Soon we were camped at Sycamore Grove located in Red Bluff. We were glad to have the previous stretch of snowy highway in our past.