WA PCT 2015

Sept. 3, 2015

The hike begins whether we are ready or not. Our time frame sounded good on paper, but after just finishing paddling the Noatak River our legs aren't quite in shape. We are hoping that they will adjust. Our plan for getting dropped off also sounded good. Jeff planned to drop us off at the trailhead after picking up Corbyn, his friend, at the airport. We had driven two cars to the airport and the plan was Corbyn would get Jeff’s car and he would then drive our car to the start of the trail. As we waited and then a little more at the baggage claim curb, there was no sign of Corybn. A call on his phone woke him up in Anchorage. He had given Jeff the wrong time. No worries another plan was devised and we were on our way again after leaving a car parked at the airport. We arrived to Cascade Locks a little bit before 7. Said Goodbye to Jeff, hoisted the packs and headed across the Bridge of the Gods to the State of Washington.  It was a year ago that we had been heading across the bridge in the opposite direction to hike the Oregon section of the PCT. The bridge is a narrow steel bridge that looks down on the Columbia river, not fun to walk on, but soon we are across and the Welcome to Washington sign greets us. There is a sign to the right directing us to the trail. It is a beautiful sunny day which helps us some as we know we are starting a 12 mile climb. My (Donna’s) motto for this trail is one step at a time.  There is also a 12 mile water alert so not only are we starting with full food, but we have filled our water up as well. One of our breaks, turns into a napping break. The sun is hot, but fortunately we have quite a few shady spots. Several thru hikers pass us. Our pace is a lot slower. One of the hikers warns us that Washington is a lot harder than Oregon. Some of the hikers that we have met today include: Honey Badger, Switchfoot, Not Yet and Cheney. Each hiker has a story, but now is not the time to learn them as everyone is on the move. Wishful thinking map reading has put us further along than reality. When we discover the error we begin to look for any flat spot to camp. It finally comes as a logging road. We will take it and after a meal of Lasagna we are quickly horizontal and do not wake up till the sun is hitting our tent. We camped near Rock Creek

Mileage 19 miles