WA PCT 2015

October 2, 2015

We sleep well and are up early to do our laundry. The bus comes at 11 so we have time to eat and wash our clothes.  When we get to the laundry room, it is filled with laundry and baskets of dirty clothes. We think that perhaps we may be taking our dirty clothes with us.  Then the owner of all this clothes appears. It is an older women who is doing a short road trip and decided to bring all her laundry from home. It is a nice gesture when she lets us use one of the machines when her first load is done. Our clothes are clean, our feet are sore, but just need to pack and walk to the bus stop. We were warned to be on time. The bus pulls in right at 11, and leaves within 5 minutes. It is a 4 hour ride to Vancouver. The rain starts falling and the visibility is limited.  We are glad that we hiked the whole way yesterday. When we get to the bus station, we learn the train is leaving for Seattle in 2 hours.  The train to Portland leaves the next morning so we think we will just crash at the Seattle train station. We buy the tickets and soon are on our way.  For awhile there is enough light to see, but soon it is dark and just the lights of buildings are visible. The train stops at the border and the border guard checks our passports. Soon the train is on its way to Seattle.  When we arrive at Seattle, we see the sign on the door saying the station closes at 11.  So much for the idea of crashing here for the night.  We ask the security guard for advice and he said all the hotels in this vicinity are quite expensive. Then he said just go across the street and take the light rail to the airport where hotels are quite reasonable. We take his advice and soon are on our way. The light rail is not too crowded until a stop for the Mariner's Baseball Stadium. A baseball game just ended and our car is soon filled to standing room only. The next stop is for parking areas and the car quickly empties. Our stop is the last one and we are soon looking for a hotel.The security guard had given us good advice; we sleep well. Tomorrow we will be on our way to Portland and our journey of the WA section of the PCT will be complete.