WA PCT 2015

Sept. 18, 2015

Another breakfast in the dark and on the trail by 6:30. Not quite so steep today. In fact, we even had some flat sections. An interesting animal sighting was a doe and her fawn.The fawn kept staring at us, as if it was trying to determine how cautious it should be. Finally it went over to its mom, touched her nose and off they went. We took a couple longer breaks today. One was to make some warm food, the other was to dry out our gear.  There was a warning about a dangerous log crossing on the trail. Due to the low water level and time of year we crossed quite easily. So far we have not gotten our feet wet by wading, just by the rain. Overall our bodies are feeling stronger. Our next resupply is in Skykomish. Our plan is to get there on Sunday and pick up the boxes on Monday. With this in mind we decide to stop earlier today at Deception Lake. We make a call from a high ridge and are able to reserve a room for Sunday night at Cascadia Inn. We had just finished setting up our tent when we hear a helicopter. It begins to circle our camp and the pilot motions for Don to head over to the lake. Turns out that Bird and Chug were in another tent close by. They had set off a Spot (an emergency signaling device) after Chug was unable to walk after a knee froze up. The helicopter thought that we had set it off.  We helped Chug to the helicopter then quickly packed up their Gear as they were coming back in about 15 minutes to get Bird. After the helicopter left the rain began. A narrow weather window allowed for successful flights to get them both out.

Mileage Hiked 17 miles-Deception Lake