WA PCT 2015

Sept. 24, 2015

We are up at our usual time, but need to wait for the arrival of the helicopter. So we stay in our bags and read some. About 7 we have breakfast and pack up our gear. Mustang and Siren are also mostly packed. The weather looks good. We listen intently for the sound of rotors and finally about 8:30 we hear and then see them. We make our site selection known and then move away in preparation for them to land.  When the first rescuer jumped out, he had been prepared to have been lowered. We think that this was one of the few places that the helicopter could have landed. Within 10 minutes of landing they are off and we are left to continue hiking around 9.  It is a steep up to Fire Creek Pass and then down to Mica Lake which is know for its Turquoise color. Twisted Hair and Cheesemeiser join us there. They had hiked most of the PCT last year, but had to quit when Twisted Hair got injured. They returned to hike WA. She took a nasty fall a couple of days ago and was nursing a very sore elbow, It is now a long downhill to Milk Creek and an even longer up hill to Vista pass. The subdued colors of fall surround us. The rain is with us again, there is no advantage of going far today as we can't get our resupply until Monday, when the post office opens in Stekekin.  We camp in a glaciated valley with lots of steams around us.

Mileage 12 miles