WA PCT 2015

Sept. 26, 2015

Awoke to frost on our tent, and a clear blue sky. We had breakfast and headed down the trail. Knowing that we were going to spend a day and half in Stekekin allowed us to take a leisurely pace. Coming upon an open area, we decided that we might as well dry all our gear.  Out it comes and we settle down for a long break.  Big Fish and Firecracker are on the move followed shortly by Stargazer. He fills us in on his travels since we last saw him over a week ago. He is on target to finish and he is ready. He gives the analogy of the PCT being the stage and the hikers the actors. The audience is all the folks that read the blog. We have to agree.The trees are in full fall colors and are plentiful along the trail. The trail has taken advantage of some huge trees that have fallen across Agnes River.  Agnes River is quite scenic and we are glad that the trail follows it for quite a ways. This section of trail is reminiscent of New Zealand, especially when we crossed High Bridge. The river was a deep blue color. At the trail head we checked out the options for camping and had dinner. The shuttle bus to the town of Stekekin would arrive at 6. We opted to take the red National Park Service Bus. When it arrived out came Pongo, Shade, Chia Pet, Slug and Pop Tart. It was fun to see them again. We had fallen behind them when we helped out with the helicopter evac. They were pumped to start hiking and get to Canada. When the bus took us into the small town, we were shown where to camp. We set up our tent next to Stargazer. It was dark and the stores were closed so we opted to turn in and read. Later that night we heard someone setting up their tent next to ours.  It was the same person, Firecracker ( we met two Firecrackers this month), that had camped next to us several weeks ago. Same as last time she had set up her tent up next to ours in the dark.

Mileage hiked 10-Stekekin