Baja 2016

Jan. 8, 2016

The wind continued to blow through out the night and into the morning. A new couple have moved in next to us. They are from Germany and Ensenada. Only here for the day to see what this area has to offer. Unlike us they have to get back to work, but are glad for the opportunity to visit this beautiful place. With the wind blowing, a decision is made to walk along the beach. We encounter several walkers who comment that this year is quite different than last. This year is much windier and colder. Can't do much about the weather so will just adapt. Glenn who we meant several days ago has a trailer located along the beach front. He has taken an older trailer and made some nice improvements. With the uncertainty of the weather and politics, he invests the least he can for a million dollar view. Glenn is quite informative and tells us more about the area especially the history. He has a hobby of collecting old bottles and has located parts of many in the hills behind the town where there was once a gold mining area. He also suggested that we should check out the museum in town. We asked him about a man that we thought was clamming in front of the beach. This man,however was hunting for octopus. He would squirt bleach on the rocks and the octopus would surface. Unfortunately this is damaging the reef, not to mention the octopus population.  The wind seems to be dying and we are enjoying the neighbors. We all decide that we should all stay for several more days, perhaps the wind will really die down as everyone has hinted. Meanwhile we are going to take the opportunity to go visit the museum. It is a great find, having both cultural and natural exhibits. We increase our knowledge and also enjoy taking to Keith. Keith is a volunteer that one could write a book about his many adventures.  The bakery was our next stop and no disappointment today. Lots of new items filled the shelves. The big decision was deciding which ones to purchase. Back to our palapa when an older gent who introduced himself as Peter Garcia stopped by. He had noticed our kayaks and was soon telling us about his adventures in seasons past. Sounded like he was quite the kayaker and climber in his day. The day ended with more conversations with Lisa, Noah, Tom and Tina.  Shelia, a new arrivaltoday is here with her three dogs.  She plans on spending 6 months here and checking out some business opportunities.  With the sun setting around 6:30 we are soon in our bags, reading and practicing our Spanish.