Baja 2016

Jan. 9, 2016

The wind has died! We decide to do a run before going kayaking. The tide is out and it will be much easier to load our boats if we wait till later. After breakfast the wind has picked up slightly, but it is blowing on shore, which is a much safer wind direction. Our destination for the day is a beach called La Gringa.  A beautiful paddle to a cobble beach about 5 miles away. Two Mexican ladies are walking on the beach and show us some unique rocks that they have been collecting. We are again blessed with lots of bird sightings. A pair of Willets are enjoying sunning. We usually only observe them foraging for food so it is nice to see this different behavior. When we return to our palapa, once more our neighbors have changed. This time we have a group of four young adults. They met several years ago when traveling in Europe. Erica and Stephano are from Italy, Jill is from Portugal and his wife, Sybil is from San Francisco. They have kept in touch and decided to head to South America meeting in the States to start their journey. Knowing that they do not have enough money for the entire trip, they plan to try working their way South.  They also plan on playing music for money. It was fun to talk to them and listen to their music. Shelia comes by and entertains us with stories of her solo drive to Central America.  One more day and then it will be time to go.