Baja 2016

Jan. 23, 2016

It was interesting as usual to meet the folks that cross our paths. The folks on the 49 foot sailboat that invited us over for hot drinks last night have been traveling on their sailboat for the last 6 years. They are from Australia and bought their sailboat in Turkey. Not only do they stop at ports to explore, but will often do land travels to explore all the continents. They were on their way to the French Polynesians and then headed to New Zealand to avoid the hurricane season. Another 22 foot sailboat was owned by a couple from Oregon who had sold their home and were planning to be able to travel the world by trailering their boat or shipping it across the ocean. They were debating a bit if they might want a larger boat. They said that they thought they were roughing it until we pulled in.  Our morning in Santa Rosalie, included hot showers, water, food buying and drying out some of our gear. Morning wildlife sights on the dock included watching an osprey eating a fish and seeing a night heron in a rowboat. By 11:30 we were packed and ready to head north. First we paddled past the town and then an active gypsum mine. A large boat was being filled with the gypsum in front of the mine. A lot of unhealthy dust i am sure was in the air. We were glad that we were moving away from this area. About 8 miles from town we found a nice campsite that had unfortunately bees and flies. Glad to see them depart after the sun set. We studied our maps as the next stretch does not have many pull outs. The next stretch of paddling is one of the most remote sections on the Sea of Cortez. We precooked our breakfast for the morning and discovered that we had Telcel coverage. We will not have it soon so used our data talking to Jeff. We got an updated weather forecast which looks good for tomorrow, but a big wind storm may hit Monday night.