Baja 2016

Jan. 24, 2016

The full moon rose last night and the wind was quiet. Knowing that we want to make at least 23 miles today we are ready to go at first light. We know that this is one of the crux moves on this route. This is where the Tres Virgines came to the coast. Few pull outs  and a lot of cliff bands will be our view today. So when the morning starts out flat calm, we smile knowing that we can enjoy the views. Later in the day a gentle breeze came out of the south, just what we needed. This day is noted as outstanding beauty! Wildlife today included sea turtles, sea lions, lots of boobies and grebes. The sea held true to one of its original names, The Vermillion Sea. The sea had many shades of red today. Most likely bioluminescent made from a small animal called a dinoflagelit.  Sometimes it felt like we were paddling thru a lava lamp. We made it around the cliffs and finally ended our day when we had paddled 35 miles. Tired, but excited about seeing this stretch in optimal conditions. The first coyote of our trip yipped at us while we were eating. We gave it a warning to not bother us which it seemed to obey. We have been told to be aware of coyotes and we put all our water and food in our boats each night. As evening approached we were joined on the beach by 12 cows. They did not have any interest in us, just continued down the beach and then up and over a hill. There are ranches in the mountains, so we are assuming that these cows belong to them.  While we were eating our dinner the moon rose and gave us a spectacular show for an amazing day.