Baja 2016

Jan. 28, 2016

The winds calmed during the night and the morning weather check was a go. We are now back into the Pacific Time Zone so we were on the water by 5:45. Heading to a steep and long point called Cabo San Miguel. Will want decent conditions to go around it. About a mile before the point we pulled into a large sandy beach to take a break. We had been paddling for about 3 hours and as we took our break, the wind increased and white caps formed. Glad we had made it this far and felt good about camping here. A short day, but put us in good position to make it around this next  point. Thought we would take a hike to see if we could get a feel for the coastline. Got to a high point, but in order to see much of the coastline to the North, we would have to do a longer hike, which was something we did not want to do. So back to camp and put up a tarp for shade.  Donna made rolls for the next travel day. Baking rolls for traveling is getting to be routine. With all our dried spreads they are quite filling.  To the South is the beautiful  Tres Virgines. We feel blessed to be surrounded by such beauty. A coyote walks by and pays no attention to us. They are a beautiful animal. Must be quite a few of them in this area because the beach is full of tracks.We put a stick at the tide line to see if we can determine what the tide is doing.. We have charts, but none for exactly this area. Tomorrow we will have some morning moonlight and plan to be on the water if it is a go before first light. We set our alarm for 4:15. Even with getting up that early we are still getting a solid 8 hours of sleep.