Baja 2016

Jan. 27. 2016

The wind blew thru out the night and kept the tent walls flapping. it was an easy decision to spend another day here, Perhaps we could make several hours up the coast, but do not have the need to do that yet.  We are in a well protected location and there are lots of things to do here. I baked rolls and then did some reading on the the history of Baja. I always find that so interesting especially when we did some exploration yesterday. Some warblers were hanging around the kitchen as well as a rock wren. There was a coyote doing its rounds this morning. Found another osprey using a cactus for its nest and a great blue heron perched on a cactus. Someday I will make a photo collection of birds on cactus. Wind gusts were around 25 knots today.  We are getting into an area that has some extreme tidal currents so will be needing to do more planning when we round points.  Yuri, our friend has been sending us weather updates on our satellite phone. Todays wind was strong, just as we experienced. Tomorrow is predicted to be a little less. Guess we will be doing our standard early morning weather check.