Baja 2016

Jan. 31, 2016

When we woke at our usual time of 4;30, there were still swells coming from the south. Our most current weather forecast had called for building westerlies so with that in mind we wanted to get around this next point as quickly as possible. Our boats are now filled with 12 days worth of water and we can tell that our boats have more weight. Not having water stress means carrying lots of water which is fine with us. Between cooking and drinking we are averaging about 1 to 1and 1/2 gallon per day. As we headed up toward the point, and it became lighter we noticed a huge fog bank had formed. It was not moving which to us was a good omen that the westerlies were not moving it to the East. Our tent fly and gear that we had left out last night was completely soaked. We are wondering that our camp probably  had been passed over by the fog during the night. We had placed ourselves on the map a little further south than we really were so we did not reach the point as soon as anticipated. With the fog being so thick, it also made for difficult map reading. In all our years in Baja this was a first paddling in thick fog. Fortunately we seemed to be paddling around the point at a good time as the wind was still pushing us and the tide must be close to slack. Finally we passed Animas slot which is located at the very tip of the point. Had the wind picked up we would have camped here, but the conditions were such that moving on was indicated. Punta Animas which this point is called is made up of many cliffs with colorful rock patterns. Knowing that we plan to reverse our course once we get to Bahia de Los Angles makes us hopeful that we will see this area with no fog. Our next bay was Bahia de Animas. Once again we had the condition to move across it rather than hug the shore. The winds were still from the south and the seas had some swells, but no white caps yet.  Due to the swells coming from the South, the beach we wanted to land on had a surf landing that had dumping waves. Not the most fun to land, but doable. Our destination keeps changing as the conditions are still allowing us to keep moving. The tide is flooding and with the wind behind us we are making good time. AS we rounded yet again another point this time we see the light house that is located in front of Bahia De Los Angles. This is where we will resupply with food and water and then retrace our route back to where we started. Don thought that perhaps we should continue on, but I was ready to find camp. It would have been a 2 or 3 hour paddle to the town and we would have not been able to get there before dark. We headed into Don Juan Harbor. Near the top of the bay was a cobblestone beach that would work for our camp. As we unpacked our gear, the westerlies started blowing which made us glad that we had not gone toward town.  We also realized that had we had gone further into the bay we would have had more protection from this direction of wind. Gotta make do, so had pizza and made our camp storm proof. Realizing that our long paddle days when we are focused about moving lacks photos.