Baja 2016

Feb. 1, 2016

During the night, the wind picked up forcefully I was sleeping on the windward side and was taking the brunt of the wind. I was getting quite the back massage as I was hoping that our poles would not break. Actually sleep was not really an activity last night.. Finally I switched sides with Don so that he could feel the force of the wind. When first light came we knew that we needed to take down the tent and move to a more protected area.  The wind had intensified and the waves were crashing onto the beach. We packed up all the gear that was inside the tent and put them into our boat bags. Don stayed inside the tent to keep it from blowing away and I went outside to begin the process of taking it down. Our method worked and it came down without breaking any of the poles, A bit of grace I think! We checked the wind and got a reading of 36 knots. The waves are being tossed in an erratic manner. Looks like we will be here for the day.  Moved camp up the arroyo and made a wind break for the kitchen. Not great, but so much better than being on the beach. A large cardon cactus is growing out of a rocky hillside. As usual we are amazed at the adaptations of desert plants. Time to read and catch up on journals. After lunch I inventoried our food and made a list of what we hopefully can buy in Bahia de Los Angles. We took a walk down the beach and noticed a sailboat that had taken advantage of the more protected area. There were also the remains of two boats that had run a ground, most likely during a hurricane. We had met a woman last year in Loreto that had lost her boat during a storm and we wondered if one of these might have been hers. The wind is still blowing strong after dinner and the temperature has dropped. Most likely we will spend another day here.