Baja 2016

Feb. 4, 2016

The wind blew all night so it was an easy decision to stay put in our dune hideaway. We both slept well and warm. Glad we had extra layers to put on. After breakfast Don packed up for his venture to town, about a 45 minute hike. I stayed back to guard the camp, well not really, just wanted to be sure that nothing blew away and that we were able to charge our electornics with our solar chargers. While Don was in town, I organized our food, sewed up some gear and read. I also have been translating food packages from Spanish to English. It has been a practical use of my time. Don returns with everything on the list that we had made before he left and then lost somewhere. The bakery was a bust as the goods were not ready till late afternoon. He got the latest weather update which is still calling for strong winds. This is quite the sandy area to camp and we are continually removing sand from everything.  As the tide retreated today the birds gather in large numbers to eat the bounty of the sea. Curlews, oystercatchers, semipalmated plovers, willets, gulls, ravens, reddish egret, great blue heron and more that i probably missed. A little mouse is visiting us tonight, hope his teeth do not find any goodies. Looking forward to reading more of John Muir tonight.