Baja 2016

Feb. 5, 2016

Up at 4:30 to check the wind and sea state. There is a lot of energy in the water and the waves were pounding the beach all night making it hard to sleep.. The wind has died down slightly, but not enough for us to want to leave. Since we are here longer than expected, Don heads into town once more to get another drom of water and a little more food. He connects with Ryan who says that he has a trip planned to Baja this weekend due to the windy conditions which will make good kite boarding. Not exactly what we wanted to hear. When Don returns from town I walk down the beach and get some wind readings over 20 knots. Good thing we stayed here today. There are a lot of clouds coming up from the South so perhaps we will get a short window tomorrow that we can start heading South. Tonight the wind actually did die down.  We even set out on the beach for awhile. The tide is once more quite extreme, glad that when we hopefully leave in the morning it will be up. So far this has been the most calm night in a while. Stay tuned for winded in with the Fords!