Baja 2016

Feb. 13, 2016

Today we will be passing into another time zone. We have done that frequently driving our vehicle cross country, but this is the first time kayaking. We set our clocks ahead an hour. when we awoke it was still quite dark. The stars were out in all their majesty so thought that we would try to navigate by starlight. We knew the shoreline did not have any rock hazards so with that in mind and our headlamps handy off we went. The seas were treating us to another calm day. We heard whales in the distance, stopped to check out an estuary and paddled by an island covered with sea lions. Several were asleep with their flippers in the air and their nose just above the surface. Nearby was an island covered with black cormorants and sea gulls. They checked us out as we paddled by them. Another long day of paddling, planning to get set up for a crux move tomorrow. We will going by the 23 mile stretch with little protection. The weather forecast is good for tomorrow, but wind is predicted for the following day. We are able to find a descent beach to camp on and make preparations for the next paddling day. Since tomorrow is Valentines Day we decided to have a double portion of our favorite chocolate.