Baja 2016

Feb. 14, 2016

Some waves were hitting our shoreline during the night, but no wind to speak of. Another morning of being on the water before first light. We were relieved when it was light enough to see that the seas were still calm. Looks like we are going to have a good chance of getting around the numerous cliffs of the area. A whale accompanied us for awhile and a group of dolphins passed us going north. The occasional sea turtle would check us out as well.  We kept a steady pace and felt good that we could make it around the numerous points and cliff bands. This is quite a beautiful section and we are glad that we can enjoy it rather than being focused so much on the weather. Several canyons on the way are quite inviting and if we would have had a good weather forecast perhaps we would have stayed at one of them. This time of year though we are happy to move on and plan a return visit some other day. By late morning the wind is starting to pick up and the waves as well. This stretch has numerous points and as soon as we round them we get some protection. Then as we move south we become more exposed and have to deal with wind and waves. The benefit of this wind is that it is pushing us in the direction we want to go. We are guessing the wind to be in the high teens as we round the last point to where we can camp. This camp has great natural shade so even though it is only 1:00. we are able to set up a camp next to the rocks. We have gone over 25 miles today and feel great about our progress. We set up our tent and work a while on the zippers. The sand is not a friend of zippers. Near our kitchen is a heart shaped rock and an okay tent olive shell. One of my favorites as the animal etches mountains on its shell. We can now see the lights of Santa Rosalie, Hard to believe that we were close to here over 20 days ago. Happy Valentines Day!