Baja 2016

Feb. 17, 2016

Up at 4:30 and neither the wind nor the sea was making any sounds. We are good to go! On the water before first light being enthralled by the light show put on by the dinoflagellates. Our paddles and boats created quite a pathway of light not to mention the fish swimming under the boats and the Grebes as they dove under the water. Soon we were past the large mine dock and turning the corner towards town. We looked for a place to land rather than go all the way into the marina, but not seeing anything that looked good we headed to the docks. It was a good decision as we were easily able to find a place to tie up our boats. It had only taken us 2 hours to paddle here. Don grabbed our water containers and the food list. He walked to town, did the errands which also included getting us set up with Telcel on our Ipad mini. We are still amazed how the ability to communicate has changed over the last 30 years. Don had found a taxi driver who met him at the water store and transported him back to the marina. Meanwhile I was entertained by the sailors who as usual had their stories to tell. Several of them had sold their houses and were now living on their boats. They were both doing repairs on their boats and I was glad that we had quite simple boats.Don was back to the dock by 11:00. The weather continued to be in our favor as did the extended weather forecast. If this pattern holds we may be crossing to the island today.  The next section of coastline was a real treat. Last time we had been so focused on keeping our bows into the waves and trying to move forward that we had little time to take in the scenery. Today it was a completely different story. When we got to the potential crossing, it was a green light and we headed across. Whales were spouting and for awhile we were in between several most likely finbacks whales. Landed on a beautiful spot. It was exposed to the North, but the swells and wind were from the South so it is home. With our new internet service we were able to talk to both boys and learn that we had gotten a contract to work in SE Alaska, Perhaps we should think seriously about paddling the Inland Passage way this summer.