Baja 2016

Feb.16, 2016

There was wind all night, but not as strong as the previous day.  Most likely we will be spending the day here. The wind was coming in several different directions early this morning, but by late morning, it was coming from the North. Definitely glad that we stayed put. I would much rather be here than the dock at Santa Rosalie. We went back to our breakfast nook and enjoyed another leisurely breakfast. This time I went for a walk and Don made the bread. I too was impressed with the amazing fig tree. Their root system is impressive. A humming bird did a pose, which is always fun. Diving in the afternoon once again showed a variety of fish. The next beach over is a fishing camp which is now occupied by several fisherman. From the looks of it, it is well used. I must admit the camp is a bit trashy, reminds me of some of the camps I have seen in the backcountry in Alaska near road heads.  A good day and we decide that we are going to go to bed early in anticipation of an early move. As we are organizing for hopefully the morning departure, a Mexican Navy boat approaches our beach and asks us our names. They also want to ask us if we have seen a single kayak. It sounds like there is one missing.  We had not seen any other kayakers in the last 3 weeks so they put their boat in reverse and off they went. With our camp mostly ready for an early morning departure, we took a walk down the beach and then headed to bed. Several hours later when we were both asleep, we were awakened by a boat coming to our  beach and a person yelling Hola. Not sure what to expect, Don gets out of the tent to see who landed. It was the Mexican Fishermen from the next beach over. They had seen the Navy boat pull into our beach and they wanted to know what they were doing. We told them about the missing kayaker and with that information they jumped back into their boat and off they went. We went back to sleep, glad that was all they wanted.