Grand Canyon 2015

April 10, 2015

Up at first light to fill water jugs, break camp, have a cooked breakfast and get an orientation talk from the Park Ranger. We have all watched the required videos for entry into Grand Canyon National Park,  heeding the warning that we need to answer all questions correctly or all the group will have to watch the videos again. Fortunately, the Ranger does not adhere to quite that strict a policy. He is thorough about the items that we need to be concerned with.  Another group has the same launch date and is at the meeting with us. Time to load, each boat is assigned kitchen and group gear.  The food is organized by meals and a notebook tells us which boat is carrying the items needed for the day. We have been divided up into groups of 4. Each group will rotate duties on a daily basis. We all get a chance to cook, clean, manage the groover and even have a day off in the rotation. The system works well. Peter is the leader of our group and informs us each morning of what to expect. He also lets us know about the upcoming rapids. Peter provides excellent leadership!