Grand Canyon 2015

April 9, 2015

Our day starts early as we finish packing our personal gear and load the vans and trucks with all the gear.  Compared to kayaking, we are talking gear and a lot of it! There are 6 rafts and a couple of kayaks that will be used to move us down the river.  It is a couple hour drive to Lee's Ferry where we will start floating the river tomorrow. We stop at an Indian Rock art site, where carvings in the rock tell of stories from long ago. The next stop is the bridge over the Colorado River. Some of the folks were on a trip together in Sept. when the river was a brown color. It is now green and beautiful! We all take the opportunity to walk across the bridge looking down at the river.  After arriving at the site, one of the outfitter guides from Moenkopi orients us to the kitchen and the groover. Mokenkopi has supplied all the rafting gear and food for the expedition. The rafts are inflated and moved close to our camp.  Each boatmen is responsible for his raft, loading it and doing safety checks. There are 6 boatmen. All come with a lot of experience. Don and I are in Eric's boat. He has never been down the Colorado, but his boating resume is impressive. We go to a local lodge for dinner and call it an early night.