BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 14,15, 2014

We left early in the morning and were able to cross the bay to the other side. It is about a 2 hour crossing. By the time we got across the wind had picked up and waves were forming. We were able to stay close to the shore and for the most part take advantage of the points as we worked our way north to Santo Domingo.  We stopped at a fishing camp, that only an older man lived. He was repairing his casa due to the hurricane that had damaged quite a bit of his house. It was fun talking to him and practicing our Spanish.  We asked him about buying some fish in Feb. when we would paddle by his house with our NOLS Baja course. He would be glad to if he was there. Finally we saw our camping destination, it was a beach that we had camped many years before. It was easy to recognize by the rock formation. Rumor has it that Santo Domingo has been soldand may one day have a resort built on it. In fact there is a map that shows the whole coast line from Punta Conception to Loreto being surveyed and divided up into plots to be sold.  Several years ago white cement blocks were placed at the lot corners. They are still obvious, but are not being maintained. Took a short walk after we arrived. The 15th was devoted to a longer walk in the morning reacquainting ourselves with desert plants, many of which had blooms. Afternoon was time spent in the water practicing rescues. A good day to be in Baja.