BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 16, 2014

An early morning departure has us enjoying another calm morning of paddling.  The water with no recent windstorms is quite clear and we can see small colorful fish swimming around the rocks.  We are headed to a place called the aquarium. We round Punta Concepcion which has some rolling smooth swells.  We have seen lots of different conditions rounding this point, some of which we could not paddle. Today though the seas are mellow and we can enjoy the landscape as we head south.  We are only going as far as the Aquarium then tomorrow if the weather holds we will cross over to the town of Mulege and complete the circumnavigation of the bay the day after tomorrow.  We arrive to our site and remanence about times camped here in the past.  Today we get to check out the dive gear. For several hours we look around the rocks and try to identify some of the larger fish. We are thankful that not a lot has changed at this site since we last camped here many years ago.