BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 5, 2014

Yesterday we crossed the border and headed South to San Quintin. We are ready to go explore the Sea of Cortez. After several unsuccessful attempts to find a place to spend the night, there is a sign noting a Rest Area.  This is a first for us, it looks fine and will do.  It has been 35 years since our first trip to Baja.  The road is in great shape compared to our first trip.  It is still narrow in places and the black cows still like to blend in with the scenery at night. Night driving is still not highly recommended. After a restful night we are soon driving in to the magical area of the Boojum trees.  We stop and breathe in the Baja air. Our car and kayaks are caked with mud. With all the rain that Baja has been having the flowers should be plentiful this winter. We continue southward and then it is time to descend from the high plateaus to the Sea of Cortez. This was the descent that always caused me pause 30 years ago. Steep and marrow with a lack of guard rails. The road has been recently paved and it seems to be wider, although the improvements help, we are still cautious descending.  The tres Virgenes loom on the horizon. Years ago we climbed to the top of the highest.  Now you need a guide to lead the way. We find a spot to park for the night on the road to the Volcanoes and go to sleep.