BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 9, 2014

It has been a busy 4 days since arriving at Coyote Bay. Our main focus other than spending time with friends was to prepare for circumnavigating the Bay of Conception.  Hard to believe that all the trips that we had done here in previous years was mostly done out of the bay. 30 years ago development on the bay was minimal. Only a few primative  campgrounds existed between Coyote Bay and Mulege.  Now there are major housing developments.  We are going to avoid these and head due west across the bay. We leave before sunrise and cross before the wind picks up. When it does it is from the North and since we are moving south it pushes us along. We make camp in the arroyo of the cave paintings. It feels to be good to be camping in the desert. The vegetation looks quite healthy due to the rain.  A group of butterflies flitter near our camp.