BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 18, 2014

The high tide in the morning made for an easy load and departure.  The wind continues to be mellow as we paddle back to Coyote.  We stop and visit with some sailors who are anchored in Santispc. We converse with two different boats.  One couple has lived on their boat for 11 years. They have many stories to tell and we share our stories of Baja. The other couple in the 90's did a kayak trip down the coast and barely survived. They are curious about our plans for the summer and seem a bit envious of our ability to explore small beaches on the coast. They now only spend time in the winter on their sailboat.  They have an earth shelter house in the states that they enjoy during the summer months. We always appreciate meeting people as we travel and learning their stories.  As we head back to the NOLS Baja branch, it is hard to believe that we lived here in the winter from 1979-1986. One thing that has not changed is the need to be aware of the poisonous critters of the desert. We are eating in the staff palapa and on the floor was the Giant Hairy Desert Scorpion. We are glad that we saw him and remember that one should always check their shoes before putting them on.  The other critters that is around is the Black Widow Spider.  She likes to hang out in secluded spots and would really not like to meet you. We try to avoid those places and everyone is happy.