BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 17, 2014

We feel pretty fortunate that the morning brings another calm day. It is a fairly big crossing with a lot of exposure to the north. As usual we are on the water before the sun rises. Soon we see the mouth of the river that flows south of the town of Mulege.  We plan to paddle up it as far as we can go.  The Sept. hurricane caused a lot of damage to the houses that had riverfront property. It also changed how the river channels.  We can not go as far as we like, some of it is because the tide is approaching its low for the day. Some new bird species are always fun to add to our Baja bird list. As we leave the river and head south we are entertained by the blue footed boobies and the brown pelicans. There are a lot of bait fish in the area and the pelicans are continually diving to obtain their food for the day. We plan on camping between Mulege and Coyote.  The camping areas however are pretty scarce.  This side of the shoreline has been developed.  Some areas are filled with houses, others are filled with half built houses,  that have been abandoned  A lot of beaches now say private. As we follow the shoreline, we see a spot that has potential.  A rocky shelf would provide us a place to land the kayaks and the tide is in our favor.  As we check out the site we notice a very rough road leading to the beach.  It looks seldom used and we can put our tent up on the very end of it which is relatively flat.  No one came during the evening and we are asleep when we hear the sound of a vehicle. It is about midnight and we wonder who could be out at this hour. We get up and talk to the folks in the car. They are fisherman and plan on going night diving.  We go back to bed and several hours later we hear them again. They have a net full of fish, So much for a quiet night.