BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 25, 2014

Ryan and Jeff arrived last night. They had driven to Bahia De Los Angeles to check our the kite boarding first and then drove at night to arrive Christmas Eve. It was great to see them and to know that all the black cows were still standing. They were tired so we set up cots outside for them and soon every one was asleep. As the boys were still sleeping in the morning I did a walk around the headquarters and was able to get some photos of the local bird inhabitants.  The birds are in their full breeding regalia and singing their best songs. Ryan and I took to the water later in the morning and paddled around Coyote Island again seeing some interesting bird species. The afternoon was spent visiting with Cayo's family. Ryan and Jeff had fun playing baseball and soccer with his boys. Got ready to visit San Nicolas tomorrow.  We had made tentative plans to do a paddling trip, but the winds were not in our favor and did not want to be stranded on a beach. With the wind blowing Ryan was excited to kiteboard. Jeff not so much.