BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 27, 2014 Kite boarding

Last night we arrived to the small village of San Nicolas. The first time that we had been here was Dec. 1979. Our friend Chico and his wife Francica still live here , both are  in their late 70's. We had a short visit and planned to come tomorrow for a tortilla class and lunch. Back to the beach that had a stiff wind blowing. Jeff opted to sleep in the car, we tried to use the bushes as a windbreak. Before the sun rose over Pulpito , Ryan was out looking at the waves and wind. This was a day that most kayakers would enjoy exploring the beach and desert. Not so for kite boarders.  After breakfast Ryan headed down to the beach with family members in tow. We would soon learn why it is helpful to have friends while kite boarding. Jeff on the other hand was entertained by looking for special shells. Later in the day Jeff had some land practice, a perquisite for kiteboarding 101.