BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 28, 2014

It was late afternoon, by the time we pulled out of San Nicolas. On a previous trip we had found a nice pull out to camp in the dessert. We decided to use it again. Away from the noise of the sea, the sound of the dessert was prominent. in other words the night had silence. The stars and moon almost had a enough light to see without a headlamp. Looks like it will be another day of kiteboarding.  Ryan wanted to see if he could start about 10 miles north from the southern end of the Bay of Conception and kite board to the end.  The wind from the North would provide a good opportunity for him to try it out. Once again the Ford crew helped Ryan set up the kite and soon he was off. The three of us headed south keeping an eye on the colorful sail.  It wasn't long till Ryan arrived  declaring the ride a success.