BAJA 2014/15

Dec. 27,2014 Visit with Chico

After a morning of watching Ryan zipping across the waves and even losing sight of him as he went below the crests, it was time to visit Chico. Francisa gave us a tortilla tutorial which also included her grandaughter, Jackie. Jackie is the daughter of Jose and lives in Loreto. This was a first for her. She said why should I make tortillas when I can buy them at the store. We all had fun and shared a lot of laughter. Chico and Francisca's house is an oasis of greenery. Flowers and fruits trees fill the garden space. Chico walked us thru the orchard and we filled a bag up with oranges and grapefruit. Marcello and his son Jose were also there. We like the pace here and look forward to stopping again when we paddle the coastline.