OR PCT 2014

Sept. 10, 2014

Up at 6:30 and on the trail by 7:15. We just ate a protein bar to start the day. Most of the PCT is horse grade, but hikers can take alternative routes which are usually shorter and steeper. We chose such a trail to take us to Indian Springs. It was indeed steep! At the top of the trail was a small picnic area that had water coming out of a pipe. We stopped for breakfast and filled up our water containers. We all feel the effects of early hiking on our bodies.  We are excited to find blueberries in their prime. We also have tried Oregon Grapes, but doubt if we will be eating many of them. After leaving the springs we were blessed with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. No speed walking for us just a constant pace. It has been interesting to read the names of the various landmarks. Today we checked out the Preachers Saddle followed by the Devil’s Saddle. Our camp tonight is at Salvation Creek.  When we arrive there, several thru hikers are camped sitting around a campfire. All fires are banned due to the drought, so we were glad that before they went to bed it was put out well.

Mileage hiked 17 miles - Salvation Creek