OR PCT 2014

Sept. 11, 2014

After getting into our cozy sleeping bags last night the wind picked up. The noise of the wind in the trees makes for mixed sleeping results so we were all glad when morning came and it was time to get up. After just eating a bar before hiking yesterday, we opted for a warm breakfast this morning. Donna took off first, as her hiking pace is a little faster. Don and Wendy passed a camp that had a log burning next to their tent. They awoke the hikers and alerted them to the danger. Signs are every where about the fire ban. With the forest floor being so dry, one can easily see how quickly fires spread. Several thru hikers passed us today. Most are moving rather quickly, focusing on making it to Canada before the snow falls. A stop at Ramona Falls gave us an opportunity to soak our feet and take in the beauty of the cascading falls. Don and I had camped near here last year and looked forward to being done hiking for the day. Unfortunately we missed a turn in the trail and ended up walking an extra mile downhill, before realizing our mistake. There was a sign, but only obvious if you were coming the other direction. Lesson learned is to stop and check the map when things don’t seem right. A well used campsite was our home for the night. It came with an abundance of used toilet paper. Beginning to think that at sites like this there should be some sort of pit toilet. The wind has calmed and we are looking forward to a good nights sleep.

Mileage hiked 15 miles- near Ramona Falls